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Emergent Complexity in Physical Systems

Tobias M. Schneider, Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen


Welcome to the ECPS group at MPIDS.

We are interested in how seemingly simple physical systems create unexpectedly complex patterns and dynamical behaviour. Examples range from complex laminar turbulent patterns in shear flows to the formation of intricate coral like solids when crystals grow in solution. We study these systems using several aspects of continuum mechanics and transport theory entwinded with dynamical systems methods and large computer simulations. For many projects, we enjoy close collaborations with experimental groups.

ECPS is moving to Switzerland!

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For more information contact Prof. Tobias M. Schneider at EPFL Lausanne.


10 / 2014
The DIPOLE CUBE GALLERY is online! Check it out here and have a look at the submitted paper.
9 / 2014
Dr. Priya Subramanian receives the Euromech Young Scientist Award at EFMC 10. Congrats Priya!
1 / 2014
Tobias Kreilos' PRL describing the mechanism underlying increasing turbulent lifetimes in shear flows just got accepted!

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